5th Dimension Studios

Click the like button to follow me on facebook! I'm adding new images of paintings and digital art all the time! I'm currently working on converting the site galleries into facebook format so people don't have to go all over creation to stay informed. Since everyone spends half their day on facebook anyways (lol!) it seemed to be the logical thing to do.

Also, I managed to get my Etsy shop in order (finally!)- and I'm working on a large series of Jewelry made from my paintings. Here's a sample of what's in there so far:

Moving along- Please excuse the mess - I get to redo the entire site since my host ate it over a year ago. My databses were destroyed, and all of the original scripts I wrote were lost forever somewhere in the abyss. Thankfully, there are many smart people out there who still have copies of everything I wrote, and some have even been nice enough to upload packages at places such as DeviantArt.com. Just run a search there for "Elizabeth Tomchek Scripts" or "ET Scripts," or if that doesn't work just try googling those keywords. One day I'll get around to finding links but I've been extremely hard-pressed for time lately.

In other news- I got married! I'm now "Elizabeth Welker." :D Pics from the wedding can be seen at Briana Brown Photography - Thanks so much to Bri (my sister-in-law!) for taking such beautiful pictures!.

I've also discovered the fun world of ACEOs- Artist Cards, Editions and Originals. These are trading cards, made by artists, and collected and traded with anyone who's interested. I've started listing some on ebay, and I've been playing with lots of formats from painting to drawing and even fractal and digital art. My ebay auctions are listed below- feel free to take a look! I'll also keep a section of my gallery devoted to ACEOs.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site!